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Lewis: Wells Fargo so big its suing itself

and with breaking open the Wells Fargo scandal. The head of the CFPB is Richard Cordray. According to the laws that established the agency, his term doesn’t expire until July 2018. So firing him now.

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Without those assurances, there would arguably be no incentive to innovate; why invest money and effort on a breakthrough that anyone could then take and sell?. But over the years patents.

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Woman Sues UCLA for Sexual Assault at Hands of Staff OBGYN. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is the latest institution to have to defend itself after it allegedly allowed medical patients to be sexually assaulted on campus, not by other students, but by a UCLA OBGYN.. Wells Fargo Private Bank. 350 E Las Olas Blvd Ste 1900.

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As holder of the first, Wells Fargo is suing all other lien holders, including the holder of the second, which is itself. "The primary reason is to clear title and ownership interest in a property to prepare it for sale," Waetke said in an email exchange. "So it really is not Wells Fargo vs. Wells Fargo." Yet court documents clearly label.

One part of Tether’s story yet to be fully explained is its link to Bitfinex, the exchange that was itself hacked last year. They filed a lawsuit together against U.S. bank Wells Fargo & Co. over.

And then Wells Fargo hired another Tampa law firm — Kass, Shuler, Solomon, Spector, Foyle & Singer P.A. — to defend itself against its own lawsuit, according to court documents.

From its start in 2009, the Southeast Portland company cast itself as an altruistic. established institutions from Bank of America to Wells Fargo were upgrading their smartphone apps and adding.

The city alleges that Wells Fargo intentionally placed minority borrowers into loans they couldn’t afford since at least 2004. As Wells Fargo continues to grow and to play its hand at shaping policy, so too do the institution’s legal woes (inquisitr 2009, Wells Fargo even sues itself!). What’s unclear is whether Wells Fargo Bank wants to.

Other banks have hired lawyers both to bring the lawsuit and defend themselves. Wells Fargo Bank did so in Sarasota, Fla., in 2009, according to Wall Street Journal columnist Al Lewis.

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