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Florida Leads Nation in Mortgage Fraud

Official website of the Florida Attorney General. What is the Attorney General doing to protect homeowners? Attorney General Bondi is committed to investigating any business that deceives or defrauds a consumer in the mortgage or foreclosure process.

 · 1. Florida. Florida ranks as the nation’s most identity theft prone state, according to our data. The Sunshine State ranked first in in identity fraud complaint rate and third in identity theft complaint rate, which suggest the state may be heavily targeted by identity thieves.

Mortgage fraud is often a complicated crime that can involve both mortgage lenders and borrowers. It’s estimated, for example, that about 10 percent of the nation’s mortgage applications contain either mistaken or intentional omissions.

In addition, five New York City area ZIP codes – including three in Brooklyn – are now among the top ten riskiest ZIPs in the nation. Nevada, Arizona and Florida were the riskiest states for mortgage fraud. However, Interthinx President Kevin Coop points to Georgia as a rising trouble spot.

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A new report claims that Florida leads the nation in mortgage fraud. In fact, 24 percent of fraudulent loans reported to the [Mortgage Asset Research Institute] during the first quarter originated on properties in Florida. The most common kind of fraud was application fraud, including misstating income and false identification.

Florida leads nation in mortgage quit-claim deed fraud, real owners must prove the fraud. Hardin and Associates, representing the Knights, filed a ‘lis pendens’ document with the county clerk’s office last July. Such a filing alerts potential buyers and lenders that a property is the object of a pending suit.

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Florida Leads Nation in Tax Fraud. The news program 60 Minutes recently reported that Florida leads the nation in Medicare and tax fraud-crimes that cost the U.S. billions every year. Tax refund fraud is the fastest growing cybercrime activity, requiring only a Social Security number and a date of birth to do serious damage to an individual’s financial and personal well-being.

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